Best tools for PHP, MySQL and Apache optimization

SpeedProfs covers the best tools to help you making websites/applications faster. In this section we cover tools that can help in the optimization of PHP, MySQL and Apache.


Measuring the performance of PHP comes down to one thing, is your code as fast as it can be? Of course other things then sprout from this; where is your code taking most if its time, how much memory its using, which sections of code are dead, among others. Some PHP developers will write their own classes for measuring time taken to execute, many more such classes are available on the net. Some of the popular frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Zend Framework, Kohana and the others came with inbuilt profiler classes. PHP itself has its own core functions for measuring how it performs.


Profiling MySQL is often described as a dark art simply because what works in one situation can wreck things in another situation. Infact, the best approach to profiling MySQL is to learn the basics, then apply them sparingly to your database while at the same time, watching it like a hawk, that way, you learn what works for you and what doesn’t.



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