Caching Distribution Network (& Accelerators)

If you operate a global website you can’t live without a proper CDN. A CDN basically prepopulates your (static) files on servers around the world, so that your visitors have access to them quicker. Some offer this for streaming video too. The main aim is to ensure visitors don’t experience much latency and turn-around times. Often this has real huge impact. There are many players in this market and the best way to select one is by making very explicit what your needs are.

Good CDN Networks:


In case you use a common library, or any other “shared” asset you can often load this from a CDN as well. An example is of all AJAX libraries which are hosted by Google on their CDN.


Note: in case you aim for China as well. Be selective, only a few global players are good in China. You can also select a local player like ChinaCache.

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