Best tools for web performance optimization

Before you can even begin thinking of optimizing your application, be it a bespoke web based app or a website, you need to know how fast or how slow it is. This article will give a quick listing of various tools you use to measure your application.

Selection of the best tools to analyse, monitor and improve loading time of your website or app

We have listed the best loading time tools that cover the real user experience and cover CDNs. We look at the best tools for optimization of Images, followed by CSS and HTML, then JavascriptPHP, Apache and finish of with MySQL. Here the full list:

The different sections have attempted to list the best tools which you can use to measure, analyze and improve the performance of your apps or website. This list is by no means exhaustive, but it provides a very solid starting point. There are many other tools out there, and new ones will keep on being developed and current ones improved.

So be sure to keep checking this website to stay up to date.

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