Make speed part of the DNA

In case speed you feel you and your team are immature on “speed” (e.g. you have a slow website and or a website than can be improved significantly) we suggest you start improving your website as a project first. This way you get the right focus in the different disciplines. We suggest that one of the project deliverables is to embed “speed” better into the organization. As only this way you can continue to improve, tweak and steer decisions that have impact on your most important feature: fast loading time.

Once you have put the basic speed improvements in place, you need to have speed embedded in your teams and in all their work. We consider below essential to maintain a fast loading time for your audience:

ROI Clear: importance of speed recognized by whole online organisation

Measure & analyze multi-displinair (not only IT) on a regular basis

Education: knowledge shared and maintained throughout the different teams

Responsibility clarified

- Simple guidelines in place (like max 25 objects and 150 KB/page)

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