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With an average internet connection of 380 kByte/s per user and 3.4 Million Internet users (data May 2011) New Zealand is relatively an easy market to developer high performing sites and applications. But be aware: still the average internet connection is 1/3 of the average connection in the US or in Western-Europe. (Read the Broadbandth myth for more information).

A web consultancy firm in New Zealand called ProjectX does some annual research on web performance of websites with a .nz-extenstion. In the latest publication from July 2011 they covered some interesting facts. The highlights:

On 35% of sites load under 4 seconds on a 20Mbit/s connection

And on this fast connection even 19% of the top 160 load slower than 8 seconds. There is a wide distribution ranging from under 2 s till over 15 seconds. Let’s see how the commercial fast websits will grow coming years compared to the slower ones.

Even with a 20 Mbit/s download connection the average page took 5.98 seconds to load.

From the M-lab research we know that the average download speed in New Zealand is actually 3Mb/s (=380 kB/s); which means these homepages will load a lot slower in reality for most people.

Since May 2009 the average size of the homepages have more than doubled to 661.8kB.

This is quite an interesting fact. We have seen it of course more often – but again it is good to realize this as the broadband connections haven’t been doubled in the last 2 years according to ITU. So this means we need to optimize more on the sites and the “broadband myth” still plays it’s role – also in New Zealand.

Read the full research with all the analysis on ProjectX blog:

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