Job types

Every person within an online organization needs to live and breath speed. No matter if he is the commercial guy making partnership deals and finding the right advertisers or if it is the guy responsible for the database. Every profile needs to understand the basics of speed optimization.

Some essentials on site/app performance per job type:

In case “speed” is well embedded in your organization as an ongoing activity (which we strongly recommend) – get a core team from the different disciplines together once in a while (every month at least) to analyze the statistics and monitor improvements, impacts of new functions that have been enabled and so forth.

However to steer such discussions and  meetings, it is good to make one person – with a strong personality – responsible for the overall performance. He should be a strong communicator who can challenge the commercial deal that might have huge impact on the sites loading time as well have enough technical know-how to discuss with the details with the engineers.

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