Global Fortune 50 Performance

Research on web performance and loading time

The Global Fortune 50 websites have been analyzed. For this research we measured the loading time of the websites from both the local (close to HQ) and global (different locations around the world) geo-locations.


In sum, since nearly 58% of the Global Fortune 50 did not perform well enough (lower than average on the page load time analysis), it is indeed conclusive that Global Fortune 50 are Not Global Online.


The full research document (including the data for all Global Fortune 50 companies, 7 comparing graphics) can be accessed for just USD 0.49. (PDF format)

Living in the 21st century, we have been lucky to have been a part of an era where we have witnessed a quantum leap in technological proficiencies. None of the advancements made in the past century have had a greater impact on bringing the world closer than the World Wide Web, or as we fondly call it, the Internet. While the internet has reduced the economic barriers, it has also brought about a significant rise in competition, with businesses worldwide vying to use newer and FASTER means reach their target audiences.

Any business worth its salt, whether it is an e-commerce business or a large petrochemical conglomerate, has a website to speak of. In fact, it is hard to imagine a business that can survive without a website…….

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